Unique commercials

I create emotional commercials with inspiring powerful storytelling. My films distinguished image quality and attention to the smallest details. Everything has to be perfectly beautiful.

UXPin - Collaboration

The second ad for UXPin with close cooperation with California. This time the focus was on collaboration between Gdańsk and Mountain View as well as showing the new UXPin dashboard. A very important element was to show the natural passions and emotions of working people.


Over 10 locations, 5 actors and 3 different stories recorded in one day to create this 37s commercial. The main idea was to show that everyone will find a suitable apartment for themselves. It is worth noting, that places specifically matched to each story shows different lifestyles.
„Adrian's work ethic is always in the keeping with the artistic vision and the true bussiness approach. He loves what he is doing and I can see it in every second of the ad he created for us.” - Dominik Olszewski, Co-Founder, CORBO

UXPin - You Inspire

To create this ad I had to rethink what might inspire designers working in UXPin. I figured that I'll focus on the design, modern architecture and symmetry in the city. To give the film more excitement I used subtle piano in the background, ambient sounds and slow-mo in most of the scenes.
„It’s not everyday that you get to see ideas that lived only in your head become reality. That’s what Adrian did for UXPin’s You Inspire campaign. He turned my broad ideas into a moving and inspirational video.” - Ryan Thomas Riddle, Sr. Brand Strategist, UXPin

They trust me

„Always great cooperation, high quality and very open and creative approach. Final video always have "wow" factor, which make them impressive and unique.” - Ewa Stachowiak, Product Manager, Airhelp

„He’s the guy that delivers on his promise, and he does it extremely fast while keeping an eye on the details. That really matters. Trust him and you'll be proud of the results.” - Adam Pachucki, Co-Founder, Everytap

Adrian Chudek

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